Morning After

The word is out.  I know because I’ve spent my journaling time responding to the first wave of (kind) emails and messages.  Caught in the daily interruptions, I miss what I need to be doing this morning which is to journal about an encounter yesterday.  It was a gordian knot, a pristine example of what has become unnavigable for me in this season of life.

I had a missed call from my Ex and returned it between meetings yesterday.  Emotionally I was already in overdrive having shared the news personally with each staff member, prepared the mailing and processed with a colleague.  Admittedly I had little to share.

Ostensibly the call was compassionate.  “I was going to offer to take you to lunch.”  What did he know and how?  The rumor mill was already abuzz ahead of the official notice.  Fail.

If the conversation had ended there, there would be no gordian knot.  And if I had time to write, the knot would be a story not a lump in my throat.  But neither happened.

The morning after is already on the run.  And so it begins…

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  1. A life filled with seekers of authenticity. Such a beautiful thing. Such a courageous thing. Such inspiration.

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