January 2, 2014

TILT (Things I Love on Thursday):

White… milk in my coffee, snow on the evergreen, noise that allows my soul to settle. ¬†The absence of color opens our eyes and hearts to what has been present if unseen all along.

Brown… paper packages, chocolate holiday candies,¬†barren branches that line the sky. The jumble of warm colors mirrors our complicated emotions during this season.

Red… Christmas baubles, maraschino cherries, cardinal sitting in solitude in the cold. The attention grabbing color signals caution and closing, always present before the new way opens.

A new year begins with gratitude for love, for laughter, and for the practice of noticing both.

One Reply to “January 2, 2014”

  1. Brown and red together: the female cardinal who takes shelter on our screened porch overnight. We leave the door to the back yard propped open during the day so the dog can go in and out; the bird comes in at dusk and sits on a blade of the fan (up near the ceiling, out of the wind), and goes out when we open the door for Didley in the morning.

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