Day 30: Distractions and the DNA of whiteness

Watching the news these days is like an exercise in courage, at least for those of us who had any investment in reformation. Very quickly both the good and the bad of America’s social institutions are crumbling.

Things that once appeared immutable (things like Medicaid, Social Security, Title IX protections, voting rights) are now remarkably tenuous and in some cases simply disappearing. Those of us who still believe in social contracts for the common good (accountability to one another) are rightfully terrified. Unfortunately we are also kind of fracturing. In large part our inability to come together emanates from our (white folk) failure to address and dispense with centuries of inculcated white supremacy (and its companions, patriarchy and meritocracy).

Some of us are still focused on Bernie-HRC-Stein. Some of us are fixated on the Russian meddling. Some of us are watching red zealots in DC and state capitals across the nation dismantling whatever social safety nets remain in service to the unseen oligarchs and an American taliban.

Where to spend our focus? The truth is that they are all connected, all rooted in our dependence on systems of white-male-monied  supremacy.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that I’m enamored with Rachel Maddow and the quest for the Russian money trail. I’m fascinated with the so-called Christian love of Russia and their hatred of people like me. And I was an extremely reluctant vote for HRC that is curious about the Stein backstory.

But where I spend my energy, and invite you to join me, is finding and facing the supremacist leanings deep inside me.  Because at the end of the day, this DNA untended will poison everything (and everyone) that I touch.

#whitefolkwork is getting honest about this toxic tap root. Quite frankly, *everything* else is a distraction.


(Note: this post inspired by my dear one’s response to Chomsky this morning. Her laser sharp focus continues to inspire me.)