April 25, 2013

TILT (Things I Love on Thursday):

This is a random google image, but these two bear striking resemblance to two of ours, Little Guy (sleek and black) and Bogey (elder statesman).

Those who share the burdens – cats that keep watch all through the night, spirit that meets us in the restless dawn, and partners who make the morning coffee; things that make the way sweeter – peanut butter granola bars, unexpected child-sized hugs, warm sun with a raincoat tucked under my arm; reminders of what matters most – a sluggish spring that comes even so, truth that can be heard even in a whisper, and the grace to revel in that which is good.


Please note: the weekly practice of sharing gratitude on Thursdays (TILT) was inspired by my friend Jill Stratton who teaches about “Joy and Flow”.