April 18, 2013

TILT (Things I Love on Thursday):


Waking to the sound of thunder and feeling safe, being in a new place and uncertain about what I’m doing yet knowing who I am, the feel of land beneath my feet after a long time at sea; antibiotics and steroids and good doctors (Micah’s on the mend), once in a lifetime opportunities to see and hear and taste and touch (Wynn’s wonderful adventure), and the simple joy of watching a young-adult offspring meeting challenges with grace (kudos to Amber); smiles that emerge unbidden and children who inspire them (love, love, love the children), the miracle of breath that never leaves us, and quiet morning routines with my beloved.

Please note: the weekly practice of sharing gratitude on Thursdays (TILT) was inspired by my friend Jill Stratton who teaches about “Joy and Flow”.