May 9, 2013

TILT (Things I Love on Thursday):

a Tanya Torres painting found on the Rumi FB page

Children who have no words and shake their fists but show with their eyes the deep beauty of their souls, adults who dedicate their careers and their livelihoods to hearing and honoring and helping the children who hurt, places where humility trumps hubris and humiliation and new grounds of learning emerge; inspirational quotes at just the right moment, a Star Trek apron on my dear one, brilliant sun with the cooling gift of a cloud; recognizing the moment of choice to focus on that which builds rather than rends, watching little ones find comfort practicing butterfly hugs, the indescribable comfort my beloved’s embrace in the first morning light.


Please note: the weekly practice of sharing gratitude on Thursdays (TILT) was inspired by my friend Jill Stratton who teaches about “Joy and Flow”.